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We truly appreciate every person, climbing gym, institution and company that has an interest in our products and what we do. Thank you very much!

Our philosophy at Nature Climbing can be expressed easily by a few simple words: superior design, pure quality materials & uncompromising craftsmanship. We believe that true craftsmanship is a timeless quality. True craftsmanship radiates an understanding of materials, design and durability. It knows no borders, and the aim is never to maximize profit, but to maximize the passion put into the products. At Nature Climbing, climbing is our passion. We will keep inventing, designing, shaping and producing the most functional, aesthetic and unique products in our own workshop – located in Aarhus, Denmark.

We carefully select our materials and suppliers. All our Nature Climbing Holds are created as an advanced refining of pure wood and stone. If a hold is no longer usable in a climbing gym, we strongly encourage our customers to send it back to us (if feasible). We will simply create a new smaller hold or make sure the materials are properly recycled and reused. Only a very limited amount of plastic is used in the production for treating the holds, making them very durable and resistant to breaking.

Nature Climbing holds are made exclusively from carefully selected stone from Scandinavian and European suppliers and certified solid wood from Europe. We handpick the raw material to achieve the highest quality and most interesting shapes and features. After the selection, every single hold is cut, shaped and finished by hand. Our aim is to maintain the uniqueness and pureness of the materials, while crafting the recognizable quality and features of Nature Climbing holds. The uniqueness combined with high quality features makes a completely different, aesthetic and interesting experience for both route setters and climbers. The holds have a soft surface with no injury provoking edges. It is our experience that the holds will help you immensely in building the extra finger strength and endurance you need for finishing up your next outdoor project. At the same time, Nature Climbing Holds will create a unique experience by bringing the magnificent world of outdoor climbing indoors.

Mads & Christian, Nature Climbing, 2019

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